Couchsurfing.. a free place to stay!!

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What we pay to have a place to rest and spend the nights is probably the second largest expenditure we have during a trip, but and what if you could have free of charge accommodation? Well, yes it is possible! Then you explain how to get it.

As I‘ve mentioned in previous posts, today the majority of services that you can possibly need to plan your trip get them access directly online and the platform that will allow you to get free accommodation could not be the exception. Today we’ll talk about Couchsurfing.

According to its website, Couchsurfing is a service that connects its members to a global community of travelers and you can use it both to find a place where to stay to share yours. Now the most important thing, how?, read the following to find out.

  1. You can register by clicking here, then create your profile and try to complete it as much as you can, remember that safe host will want to know just enough of you before letting you stay in your home. Write about your lifestyle and what is important to you and your tastes, so that everything is clear from the outset.
  2. After register and login with your account, you‘ll find the search box at the top of the screenThere you will have to enter the name of the destination to which you want to travel to obtain the results of available in that place or nearby hosts. For this examplewe will test with the city of Madrid.
  3. To enter a destination city system will yield you the list of hosts who are willing to receive visitorsEach host has a profile with key information, which you should review carefully so that in case of being accepted you feel comfortable you take surprises, so it is very important you read well before sending your request. Try selecting the first in the list.

Airbnb in europe.. best way to save money

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want to travel but your hotel seems to be very expensive at your destination? This may be the solution. With a large number of users around the world, this platform has become an excellent tool for travellers looking for accommodation at a good price (but do not want to stay in a hostel) and a place of quality (but don’t want to pay a more expensive hotel). I then also leave a discount so you save on your next trip!

Airbnb is a site where you can rent a room or apartment for your stay. It offers the possibility to choose between staying in a place just for you or share with the host in your room. To find a place to stay all you have to do is:
1. sign up. Click here to go to the registration page, is easy and completely free.
2 search. Enter in the search box the city destination, dates and the number of people. Then use filters to find an apartment that you think is interesting.
3. to analyze. Once find something that catches your attention please read carefullythe comments of people who have been in that site and look carefully at the available pictures, this is key to choose the right place.
4 book. If you are satisfied with what they‘ve found comes to book.
It is now! It is as simple as that. Click on the following link to get a discount on your first booking of Airbnb, so start saving on your next trip.

Save money on food

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all want is to enjoy when we are in a journey. But not always enjoy overspending must involve money. When the budget It is limited, namely to save money on your food can be very useful trip. Here are 10 tips for saving money on food, without starving and enjoying every bite. Who would not like not having to worry about the costs and eating at the best restaurants in town? But when a trip is planned and pocket is not loose, keep in mind that there are many things that you can save. One of the things that a traveler can save on travel is food. Then we recommend 10 tips to save money on food during a trip:

  1. Know your budget look the average prices in restaurants and food destination of the place you are going to visit. Learn the value of a bottled of water that is a point of reference, Then, make a clear budget about how much money you can spend on food per day. So you can more easily control the Food costs you buy. You will knowhow much money it is intended to overextend your diet and avoid keeping your budget under control.

  1. Prepare food for your excursions If you hike, , nothing better than take a ration of food in an airtight container so you will not see the need to buy a snack in expensive shops aimed at tourists. Make sure it is easy to eat and try that may not require the use of cutlery. Perhaps it is convenient a sandwich or fruit instead of a pasta dish. And don’t forget the napkins!

  1. Don’t Eat at tourist sites and don’t eat at the airport or in a expensive restaurants with gourmet food designed especially for tourists. Meet local places and street food stalls. It is enough to get away some blocks. Walk the streets. Watches around you. Ask people, Investigates. Surely you also find the true local food, with typical local dishes and eat the best price. Important: See previously if street food stalls are in an recommended place and if they are entirely clean and watch if they do not eat what they sell. Tourists are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of issues health, is your responsibility and be careful from poisoning. Do not read our article indigested! Try everything to know what to do and what not do when you eat abroad

  1. Consume plenty of water is advisable to carry a bottle of water with you, always. Drink Water satisfy your hunger and keep you hydrated. Avoid drinking tap water. Purchase it In a supermarket or in a store, Will be cheaper than buying near the great monuments. To keep it cold you can put the contents into a flask or thermos. If you decrease the consumption of alcohol and soft drinks, also you save a lot of money.

  1. Opt for a breakfast and delicious lunch at noon, Usually the restaurants offer menus to very good price, much better than the night menus. iDon’t miss this opportunity! For a reduced price you can enjoy a feast, with starter, main course, dessert and beverage. In the office areas and universities, often are more varied menus and economic. And of course, if your accommodation is included breakfast, wake up early and eat everything you can. So you can save money that will serve to continue your journey

  1. Make your own food Both if you stay in a hostel or with a family, having a kitchen can be a point in your favor. The added benefit is that often you can share the costs with other people. You can even travel alone and organize a joint purchase with your roommates or any other traveler with whom you’ve talked you can prepare a traditional dish together! If you must buy oil or coffee, you can split the cost among between those who consume and not just You miss used those products that are difficult to transport from one city to another

  1. Visit local markets, Here are the ingredients for any meal, the “real money” and not the “tourist price In every city there is a market where locals place will buy their groceries. They are usually very large sites, where they sell all kinds of products, groceries and more. It is an ideal place where you know the aromas and Local flavors cuisine, customs of the people, haggling ,and all that at an affordable price! The street food markets are famous for their affordable prices. Do not stop reading our article on the best street markets around the world

  1. Do not pay more for your food Note that in the supermarkets and fast food outlets should not to tip or pay extra charge for table service, while in most cafes and restaurants They do. You should know that in some cities the traders exploit that visitors do not know the language or the region to apply a particular tax The trick is that before sitting down to eat, consult the extra costs, as the value of table service and whether VAT is included in the price. You might also choose restaurants that have a exposed menu, this way you will see the value of the dishes and avoid meeting with surprises.

  1. Adapt to local time If you are used to eat at a certain time and in the place you are visiting eat earlier or later, you may find you are hungry when are few options and you will be forced to opt for a slightly cheaper alternative. You must be flexible and the rhythm of the place fit you. It is also important to know the times and not give shops for granted that they are similar to those in your city. It may happen that you find at the last minute with shops closed and you must dine out, spending more than what you had in mind. Do not doubt consult the locals what are normal hours.

  1. Leave the vagaries aside Avoid buying candy, snacks, gum, soda, and other cravings that do not feed and They are expensive. When traveling we tend to increase our level of consumption and often buy compulsively. This adversely affects the travel budget, since it is often the sum of small purchases which most affects our daily budget. If you prefer, you can add these expenses to the budget, giving them a daily money if you follow these tips, no doubt will save money on the food of your trip, respecting your budget and even can allocate money to hiking, or museum tickets. You also help travellers and Tell us what your tricks and tips when traveling. Write in the comments!

Traveling with Little money

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Contrary to what many people think, you do not need a lot of money to travel often or for long periods of time. Who travels somewhere for the first time looking for low-cost alternatives, learn very quickly the number one rule commuter lightweight pocket Hostels. Here we have some good tips to keep in mind:

If you’re traveling with little money and you want to save you should start by the housing. A budget accommodation is the basis of every trip on a budget. Why and where we stayed? White is a hostel? A hostel or backpacker refugee (his name may vary depending on country),is usually a resort with some rooms (from 4 or 5 to more than 20), each with several beds (you can find, suddenly, sleeping in a room with 20 strangers from more parts remote planet)

Staying in hostels is a great opportunity to meet other travellers who share the interests of one (at least see the world, meet people from other cultures, and do so with little money) and make friends with time to come and visit our country and invite us to knowing his prices to stay in hostels (or to rent a bed) are usually between 10 and 20 euros or dollars per night, depending on the country where one finds. While there many independent hostels (and it is they who often provide us an experience further distinctive), there are two main chains B which, being as franchises, meet certain minimum requirements that will guarantee us any hostel chain we visit, regardless of the city or country you are in to these, it is beneficial (though not mandatory) to have a membership card (which costs about 15 dollars) to obtain a discount or to avoid an additional charge can not be member learn more about these chains, the locations of their hostels in the world and its costs, in sites at Hostelling International (with more than 4,500 hotels worldwide) Hostels and Europe (the latter unites independent hostels) to cook and save on lodging: and now I eat? Of course besides sleeping, iYou also need to eat! Although, of course, There are many options for you to leave all your coins in tourist restaurants each country, the best option (if you really take care of your pocket) will find a local market where local residents do their shopping. In most of the hostels will have at your available at least a humble kitchen where you can prepare your food. If you try to leave a little money for transportation and the occasional visit to a museum, bar or event, we conclude with a minimum of 35 euros or 40 dollars a day or you could be on track to meet the planet and live.

Best way to find cheap flight

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In this article I share the tips that take into account when almost always reserve air tickets, together with accommodations, they are the most significant expense when we travel. especially when the destination is on abroad, but did you know that there are many tricks to get much lower prices? With these tips in mind can easier to go anywhere you want, anytime.

1. Use seekers to compare prices across airlines To our good fortune, there are applications that practically simplify the task of comparing costs on flights that offer different companies. I wish someone had told me this when I started to travel! With Skyscanner, by example, after searching for a specific origin and destination, you will see results for a whole month, or even a year integer rates all airlines that offer that same flight. You Will get amazed at the difference. This makes it easier to fish the cheapest! other search engines with good reputation among travelers are Kayak, Orbitz and Expedia. Give them a try! Always good to have options.

2. Subscribe to newsletters Something as simple as going to the websites of airlines use often and sign up for their newsletter , you can find out all their offerings, promotions and discounts. When you receive in your mailbox a novelty that interests you, Compare Prices on Skyscanner-or if you preferred search engine to see if it really worth rock. You can find some flights so cheap that none of your friends will believe you! There is also pages that offer warnings when flight prices fall ,that interest you this for example: http

3. Make the most of your outdated juice (on mornings) and know that the flights in the early morning and late night are usually cheaper The ungodly hour show better results than those included between nine o’clock and eight o’clock.

4. If you travel in low season you are not from the ones that have to make vacation for duty in high season, you’re lucky, because traveling Low season is up to 40% cheaper. Now if flat can not do anything for travel other dates than in August. Christmas or Easter, all is not lost, read the following

5. point ahead Buy a ticket purchased months ago is much cheaper than a bought the same week of your trip. If you know you’re going to fly on a specific date, you’ll save a significant amount for some time comparing prices and seeing how they evolve, But buy the ticket before two months

6. Searching for flights of low cost companies philosophy . Most companies that offer low cost have the same services as the traditional ones, but they don’t have to increase the price of their tickets. Flyng in this type of airline is especially useful for travel between European countries and Southeast Asia.

7. Travel light! It is very rare to documenting a extra suitcase as most airlines charge for this! If you want to save some money plan well what you’re going to wear, light travels from experience I tell you everything fits in a essential suitcase Maybe if you’re going to be two or three weeks was not ideal, but if you travel less time you do not need many changes and you can always wash clothes in the destination you go-or – buy new clothes. Now you know, if you want to save on your flights, Travel light!

8. What day is cheaper to travel? The statistics reveal certain trends. For the weekend purposes the number of families traveling are high but thru Monday and Friday abound business tourists who use the plane for their trips. In case that you can choose, not a bad idea to travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

9. flight Roundtrip: Different companies Logic tells us that a round trip ticket on the same airline should be cheaper , but not always OFTEN purchases both separately and different itineraries companies may come out cheaper. Looking to see if you can separate booking get save some. You can get pleasant surprises!

10. Do not discard the scales: Shot that there are exceptions and they often make a stopover of several hours can save significant in the fare. Obviously depends on how long you will be traveling, if only you you go for a couple of days may not make much sense to sacrifice time for money. The best is investigate and compare pros and cons.

11. investigates what is the cheapest is not always the airport nearest airport is the cheapest. There are many factors that come into play-sometimes from Cancun Has more attractive prices to fly to Europe then from Guadalajara or City of Mexico, for example, but it all depends on where you go. So don’t for get TO to compare!

What is a low cost airline

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is an airline that offers a cheaper rate in Exchange for eliminating many of the services that traditional Airlines passengers receive, or that charges these services further. The concept originated in the United States before spreading throughout Europe in the early 1990’s and then to the rest of the world before the increase in the demand for air travel. In principle, the term was used within the aviation industry to refer to companies with operating costs low or lower than the competition. Through the media, its meaning varied, and now defines any airline prices and limited services, against the traditional airlines.

No doubt the two clearest examples of European low cost airlines are Britain’s easyJet and the Irish Ryanair, since its birth in 1991 and 1985, respectively, have not stopped increasing its network of destinations on the continent. And despite its success, the trend is to continue to reduce costs and added services. For example, in 2004, Ryanair announced its intention to eliminate reclining seats, cloth of lies them heads or pockets on the backs of the aircraft from its fleet.

The entry of some countries of Eastern Europe into the European Union and efforts to meet the requirements of the EU by those who have not got it yet has led to an extension of the so-called European airspace, and in turn to the establishment of low-cost routes by existing companies and new ones alike as Wizz Air. Between 2004 and 2006 were established routes to countries such as Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, as well as starting flights to Turkey.

In Finland the competition occurred in the opposite direction, so that the national company Finnair lowered prices of their tickets to such an extent that its low-cost competitor Flying Finn was forced to cease its operations. Three months after the bankruptcy of Flying Finn, one of the operators in the country, Blue1, began to fly three of the most profitable destinations of Flying Finn.

In Norway the first low cost airline was ColorAir, formed in 1998, but its competitors SAS and Braathens finished comparing its prices with the ColorAir and it had to close the following year. ColorAir was followed by the Norwegian Air Shuttle, or Norwegian, which began low-cost operations in September 2002 with a fleet of Boeing 737. Although Norwegian started operating only on domestic routes, today their international flights outnumber nationals. The launch of non-stop flights from towns near the Arctic Circle such as Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim, as well as the capital Oslo, made the company acquired great popularity. Actually statistics claim that the Norwegians are that flying more of the world, mainly because the rugged geography of the country makes it difficult to transport by road or rail, but also for its high level of income.

In Spain it could be said that the liberalization of the market of aviation began with the privatization of Iberia and continued with the development of regular Airlines Air Europa and Spanair and others dedicated to charter flights reached its peak in the year 2004 with the birth of Vueling Airlines and in 2006 with the creation by its low-cost Clickair affiliate Iberia This latter now defunct (merged with Vueling).

Diference between hostal and hotel

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Differences between hostel and hostal

the difference between hostal and hostel is that in the second it tends to be a hostel for students and young people who can sleep sharing a room without knowing the roommates. There are hostels in which you can live rental, as if the place were a pension, no mater of the age that you have.

Differences between hostal and hotel
in a hostal rooms are private, like in a hotel, but lower, proportionally to its price category, which is usually cheaper. Services are offered, in the best of cases, like daily cleaning, 24-hour, free Internet, towels and sheets in the room, personalized attention, air conditioning in rooms, safety box, TV flat on HD, laundry, etc. Sometimes, the differences between hotel and hostel are scarce; Sometimes, hostels exceed in services, cleaning and facilities to some hotels but maintain hostel category by the dimensions of some rooms, the lack of a basic service such as elevator, form part of a building and not be owner of all this, etc.

The advantages of a hostal for tourists is that they give them much to choose from, since the ease of creating a business such as this is governed almost in having at least one floor with several rooms and get the license. In the most tourist regions, each square or street several of these establishments can be found. Usually reservations are made online, but still remains a fairly numerous remnants of tourists that rely on easily find where to stay, looking for walk in the wide range of hostels in a tourist region.

In some cases, more and more, are offered breakfast, including lunch and dinner. They may also offer other attention as tourist information, tickets for excursions, reservations at other establishments, recommendations, shuttle service to and from the airport or station of buses, etc.

Train or plane to travel in europe?


Within Europe travel by train or by plane (low cost carriers) is the cheapest and in terms of price, it is almost the same. If they want to fly cheap airlines seek (eg:,,, etc…) and if they are to travel by train seeking passes for a period of time ( and by a number of countries, there varies according to time, age and number of countries so it is thing of each.

Now I will try some pros and cons of each.

By aire:
flights are cheap and quick (Europe is small) because that will not last more than 2 or 3 hrs, the service is often good and timely but there are usually substantial arrears and to cancellations where only going to repay the money that paid or give you a seat for another day so you have to take that into account; do not rely on that flight will be timely and that even not going to fly so I recommend if you go to any city, fly a day in advance.
Another thing is to know how much luggage can be carried since many do not accept much weight at luggage and the price for overweight is expensive (nearly the value of the ticket).
You have to take into account that many airlines fly to airports that are far removed from the city so that saves spending it on transport to the Center, so take that into account and check on the internet as you go from the airport to the Center. If there are underground, train, or bus no problem, if it is taxi forget because they are very expensive.
Not reserve seats in many of the airlines so while earlier come best seat they obtain.
You must be at least an hour and half before at the airport, so that consider the time (an hour to get + hour and a half before + delay + flight time + time to get to the other city). Why I recommend flights only if they will go to very distant cities between if and that train lasts more than 6 or 8 hours, even trains lasting 2 days.

By train
the scenery is the best that can be expected, you are never going to see those landscapes in any other way.
They are very comfortable
is best to book in advance all routes. When you arrive at a city book once the return at least in large cities.
Be an additional amount booked a bed.
The variety of meals and drinks is good, that its not very cheap in some cases.
Each car has bath.
Don’t let your careless things the form of transportation they choose is good, remember to simply choose one or another depending on the time you have and distance to travel since they are almost the same price.

How does the train pass to travel around Europe works? 


You can choose a pass covering a country, 2 or 4 countries or a global pass which covers all lines of train participants, if you do not have a defined route or think to be traveling from one country to another, the Global Pass is that you should better.

Note: Passes for train travel to INTERRAIL, do not have the option for 2 or 4 countries, only one country or global pass. Remember this only applies to residents of Europe or citizens Spaniards.
When I traveled for the first time using Europe by Eurail pass coverage of trains was more limited, today I surprised to see the number of countries in which the pass can be used.

It is important to mention that the only trains you can use are those operated by the national railway company, which covers travel by train within the country and international form (your Passport permitting). You can not use the Eurail pass on buses, metro and trams; some ferries, belonging to the same national operator of trains are allowed.

If you plan to purchase a pass for use with ferries, I suggest that you check in advance if you include them or not, here you can check out the information.

You can combine passes. If you think to travel 5 days in France and 5 days in Italy, perhaps will be more economical to buy a single pass for 5 days for France and one for 5 days for Italy rather than buying one that covers both countries. In this example the Global Pass for 10 days would be unnecessary.

Everything is a matter of reviewing and making your combinations to see what you should more.

Which countries are covered by Eurail pass?

Countries covered by Eurail pass to August 2015 are the trains of the national companies of:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

NO Eurail pass covers trains United Kingdom, Albania, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

To view a detail and up-to-date information can consult the map of trains in Europe by clicking here.
Once again, the Eurail pass does not cover metro, trams, buses, or transportation within the cities since this is generally operated by local transportation company.

In some countries have emerged a new private companies covering some popular trains, for example, Italian in Italy routes. The Eurail train pass does not cover private companies, only trains operated by the national company.

Eurail train passes do not cover the route Paris – London (Eurostar) but give a special rate to people who have the pass, the truth wouldn’t say that so convenient is use this rate or better buy train pass in advance where you can find very competitive offerings.

These trains have a quota of tickets with special price for users of the Eurail pass, so I suggest that if you plan to use it you book ahead of time.

Not to be a national company and does not participate fully in the Eurail (only with a discount) program, if you buy a Eurostar ticket using your discount will not have to use one of your travel days how would commonly do it with another kind of trip. This explained in detail a little later.

When I bought the Eurail pass for the first time came with a small pamphlet with train schedules, this pamphlet considered only the main routes and not all trains by what in case of receiving it does not trust or believe that they are the only trains which covers your Eurail pass.

London Nightlife

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  • Nightlife in London requires planning, since the offer is huge: from after-hours up to disco-restaurantes (the latest trend), passing through pubs and bars, live music, bar-clubs and all variations that happen to you. London is the European capital of nightlife.
    In some pubs or clubs will meet the unpleasant surprise that accept only “members”, but don’t be discouraged there are so many, just by walking a few meters, you will find one of your liking.Some areas to go out at night in Londres:
  • Marble Arch & Notting Hill. This area is a very fun and where younger people go. There are many pubs, in some you can even dine. There are also bars for drinks, although usually they close early.
  • South Kensington & Chelsea. In Kensington High Street are the best clubs of the city. Both the classic and the modern, although in the latter entrance is a little face (around £20.00 (22.61 €) per person). Arrival time in general is 22:30. In the busiest sites close at 3:30. In this area you will also find several restaurants with lounge, and the hotels bars are a good choice for a drink. There are also many quiet bars, where input is not paid. Almost all close around 1:00.
  • Marylebone & Regent’s Park. Quieter than the previous area for going out at night in London. There are many restaurants and pubs, and a couple of hotels with good bars. It is more lively day.
  • Mayfair. Exclusive area for exclusive public. There are many restaurants with lounge, to combine good dinner, with drinks, in a refined atmosphere. The majority of clubs are exclusive only to “members”, but there are some where you can go if you on the guest list. Entries are also expensive.
  • Piccadilly, Soho & Covent Garden. 3 more fun places for going out at night in London, if you know to avoid clubs “for tourists”. There are bars, pubs, clubs with live music, restaurants, discos, bars of cocktails, General onsejos for going out at night in Londres etc.

General Tips for going out at night in Londres
Schedules are different from those of the rest of Europe: the pubs closed between 12 o’clock and 1; the nightclubs – with some exceptions – open until 3 or 3: 30 in the morning. This same, isn’t widespread habit of going from one place to another.
More should leave the days of week, because clubs are less strict with the admission.
Before choosing a club, be sure to not let failure be a member (member) or be in the guest (guest list) list
there is a chance of scoring (with time) on the guest list for the club to go through sites such as London club guest lists, London parties, or Feneo.
In the majority of the clubs charged input and they are generally expensive.
For clubs is never casual.